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Within the Egyptian Authority for Maritime Safety (EAMS) endeavor to maintain and protect seafarers from COVID-19 and in compliance with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and other related international organizations’ instructions and guidelines to alleviate COVID-19 impacts.

The following is decided

  1. To extend Masters, maritime officers and engineers’ Certificates of Competency (COCs), endorsements licenses, deck and engine ratings’ Certificates of Proficiency (COPs), medical certificates, short mandatory courses, Seamen Book; of those stuck seafarers who joined merchant ships prior to COVID-19 and can’t be repatriated due to this epidemic and maritime ports abstention to receive ships and execute crew changes; from 20/10/2022 to 20/01/2023 .
  2. Ships’ masters, ships-owners and shipping companies and agencies should take all precautionary measures to protect seafarers’ health onboard and to expedite seafarers’ disembarkation to receive medical care and treatment for suspected or confirmed case.
The Egyptian Authority for Maritime Safety (EAMS) wishes the world’s seafarers continued health, wellness and best of luck ،،،
R. Adm. Hussein Mustafa El-Geziri
Egyptian Authority for Maritime Safety (EAMS)