EAMS Competencies

EAMS fulfils the competencies that secure achievement the goals of its establishment, in accordance with Article 3 of PD 399/2004

Brief of EAMS

The Egyptian Authority for Maritime Safety (EAMS), ex-Ports and Lighthouses Administration (PLA), is one of the first governmental facilities as it dates back to 1830 when an assembly was appointed to supervise the preparation to receive large vessels in the port of Alexandria.

Chairman EAMS
Hossain Mostafa Hossain ElGeziry

Ask And answer

Comprehensive coverage of public’s common questions related to seaman book issuance and revalidation and Certificates of Competency..

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Citizens Service

Where you can verify the
authenticity and validity of ancillary certificates,
ships licenses and also medical exam results..

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Media Center

EAMS related latest news
and conferences are
herein shown..

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Memoradum of Understanding (MOU)

MOUs concluded between A.R.E and other states for recognition of COCs

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Registration of a ship under Egyptian flag

Relevant procedures, required documents,fees

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Circular Letter No.4204/Add.2

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Measures Taken BY THE EGYPTIAN Ministry of Health on preventive quarantine measures to combat coronavirus in relation with crew changing and repatriation in the Egyptian ports..

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To extend Masters, maritime officers and engineers’ Certificates of Competency (COCs), endorsements licenses as from the date of this announcement.
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When avilable vacancies are published in this section, including prerequisites and application forms to be completed and submitted to H.R Dept.


Storms on Egyptian Coast

List of storms on Egyptian Coasts