Accidents Statistics

  • Accidents Statistics 2014-2015

Egyptian SOLAS ships accidents statistics 2014-2015:

S.N Date Description Injuries/fatalities
1. 7/4/2014 Sunk of the marine unit “PMS 1”, Ras Ghareb, Red Sea One death
2. 4/5/2014 Collision of the foreign vessel “Sea Lady” with the Egyptian Tanker “25 January” . NA
3. 20/3/2015 Collision of the barge “PMS 46” with the driller “Zoser”, during Abu Zeinema port entering maneuver with assistance of the tug “PMS 5” . NA
4. 5/7/2015 Sunk of the Egyptian vessel (Taba), of the Egyptian Maritime Navigation Co., at 11 NM of Safaga Port . NA
5. 6/12/2015 Grounding of Egyptian vessel “Wadi Safaga”; # 3629 Alexandria, in Istanbul Port inner anchorage area, Turkey . NA
6. 6/12/2015 Cracks and dentations in certain parts of the hull of the ferry ‘El-Reyad”, during her voyage “Safaga/Duba/Safaga” . NA