About DGPS:

The Project aims at the improvement, organization and safety of navigation in territorial waters, to the satisfaction of maritime transport increasing demand and regular flow of vessels traffic. It secures one meter accuracy in positioning, especially in ports operations, approaching areas and congested waterways in Safaga, Hurghada, Tiran Straits, Gobal, Entrances of the Gulf of Suez and Aqaba Gulf. It reaches five meters accuracy in general navigation.

The Broject consists of:

It is composed of 6 stations; three of which in the northern coast (Mara Matrouh, Alexandria and Port Said) and the others in the Gulf of Suez, Aqaba and Red Sea (Ras Ghareb, Um Essayed in Charm El Sheikh and El Qusier).

A main control center in Max, Alex, supervises and monitors the technical status and defines the troubleshooting in the six stations. It serves the Maritime and territorial survey to position oil companies' sites and to supply pipe lines and pavements of desert and territorial road in the range of correction stations.