Egyptian Authority for Maritime Safety Competencies :

EAMS fulfils the competencies that secure achievement the goals of its establishment, in accordance with Article 3 of PD 399/2004, as follows:

  1. Manage and regulate maritime navigation safety in a manner that complies with international instruments to which Egypt is a state Party and related laws and Decrees and those in relation to ships safety and security and safety of navigation in territorial waters, EEZ and Egyptian ports out of Ports Authorities control.
  2. Represent Egypt in International Maritime Organizations and those related to maritime safety .
  3. Exchange technical information with all international ports and to render maritime assistance and services to all ships in the Egyptian territorial waters and EEZ , to define maritime passages, issue maritime alerts and notices to comply with safety rules in territorial waters.
  4. Exchange Technical, professional expertise and researches with the International, Regional Authorities and Organizations and also with developed countries in the field maritime safety to improve the standards of securing ships and their safe navigation.
  5. Plan, develop, install, monitor, upgrade and maintain Lighthouses and aids to navigation all over national coasts, territorial waters and EEZ and to grant related permissions and/or certification.
  6. Monitor of maritime safety standards and quality of services rendered by the Authority and competent entities and apply necessary procedures to verify maritime means of transport compliance of safety and security requirements and verification of associated documentation and certification.
  7. Monitor the technical standards of Egyptian vessels and maritime units locally built or those purchased from abroad to verify their compliance with International technical requirements, to issue their Registration Certificates and note the actions it suffers and to issue and revalidate their Sea worthiness certificates and the navigational permissions required.
  8. Participate in search and rescue and maritime pollution fighting plans.
  9. Set tests and issue seafarers' Certificates of Competency, Maritime Passports and also Sea Service Certificates.
  10. Monitor the standards of Egyptian and foreign vessels calling Egyptian ports and/or transiting territorial waters and to issue related certificates and permissions in accordance with related applicable international standards, Conventions and MOUs.
  11. Set the professional requirements and provide work permissions for masters, officers, engineers, boilers, seafarers, fishers, divers and who else works at sea.
  12. Revise the courses of specialized institutes and centers qualifying ships' crew in accordance with International standards.
  13. Operate, maintain, and make full use of radio and radar beacons to maintain the safety of navigation in territorial waters.
  14. Set plans; implement means of navigational traffic and to identify waterways and passages and to issue navigational reports and alerts to maintain safety in territorial waters.
  15. Draft marine salvage and pollution laws, monitor their implementation and coordinate with the related agencies in accordance to the equivalent internationally applicable laws.
  16. Develop personnel training programs locally and/or abroad to develop their performance in accordance with internationally applied criteria.
  17. Apply the necessary procedures in cases of marine collision and other accidents or casualties like fire and sunk including investigating those accidents in cooperation with specialized agencies and to issue the necessary reports and to endorse maritime reports and (sea protests).
  18. Establish, with the consent of the Minister of transport, sharing companies individually or with partners to carry out tasks in its competencies.