About EAMS

About Aida IV :

Was built in Japan in 1992 as a special purpose ship for training and supply; under supervision of NKK. It was donated as an aid grant from the Japanese Government to the Egyptian Government in support to main requirements to fulfill training and supply missions. NKK assures that the current condition of Aida IV; after 20 years of executing its planned missions; is due to professional management and high level of operation and maintenance in accordance with class rules and guidance and International Conventions.

Main missions:

  • To secure safety of navigation in Egyptian waters by revising technical status of all Aids To Navigation(ATON) on Egyptian coasts on both the Mediterranean and Red Sea which essentially serve maritime navigation to and from Suez Canal and main Egyptian ports (Alexandria, Port Saied, Suez, Safaga, Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh).
  • To supply provisions to remote lighthouses in the Gulf of Suez and Red Sea( Ashrafi, Shedwan, Akhaween and Abul-Kizan), to Substitute lighthouses crews and provide all types of provisions, fuel, fresh waters, spares to maintain lighthouses equipment to maintain safety and safe operation continuity.
  • To monitor drilling units and petroleum platforms in the Mediterranean and Red Sea and that associated ATON are properly operated to secure safety of navigation in all areas which contribute in national wealth maintaining.
  • Secure communications with VTS Centers (Adabeya, Ras Ghareb, Safaga and Sharm El-Sheikh) to secure safety of navigation in the Gulf of Suez (GOS), accidents prevention and assist GOS transiting ships.
  • Egyptian coasts monitoring and report on any marine pollution accident which contributes in fisheries preservation and damage prevention of coral reefs; one of Red Sea unique characteristics.
  • Participation in Search and Rescue(SAR) and salvage operations, as required, in cooperation with and under the direction of Middle East SAR Center.
  • Execute practical training; navigational and engineering; for cadets onboard in compliance with SOLAS, IMO and STCW requirements to provide highly qualified maritime personnel to serve aboard all types of ships.
  • Aida IV helps in improving relations among cadets of various nationalities including Egyptians, Arab States, African and Asiatic States which increases cultural interchange, knowledge, civilizations interaction; leading to cooperation pro-motion among countries.

Why a new Aida IV ?

  • Necessity to update main bridge’s navigational and communications equipment to cope with related technological developments; in compliance with International Conventions requirements to secure proper survey of modern ATON, requiring Integrated Bridge System (IBS).
  • Due to supply operations risks and after 20 years of service; despite equipment and fittings maintenance; boats and cranes hulls suffered some damages which directly affects safety of provisions supply actions and personnel which require updating the entire supply system and replace it with a new one which secure maritime safety in severe weather conditions in GOS and Red Sea.
  • Out of training International standards requirements and maritime certificates approval and cadets practical training improvement, new ship should have additional cadets’ training dedicated bridge; separated from main bridge to maintain safe navigation.
  • Due to accommodation International requirements onboard ships and the increasing volume of cadets and personnel executing lighthouses maintenance onboard which require ships’ facilities and services increase and out of the ship current condition and age, emerge the need for a new ship to fulfill these needs.
  • Ship full speed and sea maneuverability should increase especially during supply operations and consequently upgrade auxiliaries’ performance to achieve best safety measures to render direct assistance to supply services which may save lives of lighthouses’ crews.