Brief of Egyptian Authority for Maritime Safety :

The Egyptian Authority for Maritime Safety (EAFMS), ex-Ports and Lighthouses Administration (PLA), is one of the first governmental facilities as it dates back to 1830 when an assembly was appointed to supervise the preparation to receive large vessels in the port of Alexandria.

The history of the establishment of the Egyptian Authority for Maritime Safety :

  • In 1870, an Administration dependent to the Ministry of Interiors was appointed to carry out this task.
  • In 1880, it was transferred to the Ministry of Public Works.
  • In 1884, under the name of "Prisons and Lighthouses Administration".
  • "Ministry of Treasury", it took charge of A1ex. Inner port.
  • In 1905, both inner and outer ports of Alexandria gathered under its supervision in addition to the following ports: Suez, Port Said, Rachid, Demiette; as well as Mediterranean and Red Sea Lighthouses.
  • In 1906, an Engineering Department was established in PLA.
  • In 1919, it was transferred to the newly established Ministry of Transport as "Ports and Lighthouses Administration (PLA).
  • In 1954, it was transferred to the Ministry of War, then to the Ministry of Mi1itary Production and back again to Ministry of War.
  • In 15/11/1967, the Presidential decree no.2062/67 transferred it to the Ministry of Transport.
  • In 23/9/1971, the presidential Decree 2402/1971 concerning "Governmental Facilities Organization" kept it under the Ministry of Maritime Transport.
  • In 27/10/1999, the Presidential Decree no. 360/1999 concerning "Ministry of Transport Regulation and PLA dependence to it" was issued.
  • In 09/12/2004, the Presidential Decree no. 399/2004 established. "The Egyptian Authority for Maritime Safety" as an independent legal Authority reporting directly to the Minister of Transport to replace "Ports and Lighthouses Administration"